Fully Customizable Medical Transportation

Chartered Medical Transportation Comes in Many Varieties

Your medical care means everything, and when transportation is needed it’s important to understand your options. Every patient has different needs, so it makes sense to find the best and most affordable method of transportation for every medical patient, whether it is across town or across the country.

Choosing whether your transportation is best suited to air ambulance or by road, sea or rail depends on a variety of factors, not the least of which hinge upon your personal medical needs. For this reason, there is no way to determine the best emergent or non-emergent medical transportation for your situation until you confer with one of our medical healthcare professionals.

However, our primary goal at Aviation One is to provide you with transportation options whenever possible. While you may initially set out to find a medevac company online, you may find that your transportation would not only be more suitable by train, but also far more affordable. In some situations, an air ambulance might be preferred but, depending on your situation, not possible. In these cases we explore options that could include other air medical transportation options, or even travel by RV.

Indeed, the possibilities are as varied and unique as the patients we assist. If you want to explore your medical transport options then give us a call now at (877) 773-8791, or fill out our online form and one of our professional transportation coordinators will contact you within 24 hours.

Medical Transport Can Be Affordable

You undoubtedly want the best health care available, and the same is true when you need an air ambulance, medevac, or non-emergency medical transportation. Unfortunately, money often enters into the equation, but this is no reason to sacrifice the quality of your medical care.

An unscheduled medevac or air ambulance can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but we provide our patients with customizable options designed to minimize costs without being forced to worry as we move from point-a to point-b.

Some people are surprised to find out that these alternative options are preferable to more traditional medical transport. For instance, traveling by RV can be far more affordable than an air ambulance, and it also provides an opportunity for the entire family to travel with the patient. Ocean medical transport is possible by cruise ship, and this can be advantageous for a variety of reasons. If the patient must be transported on a stretcher, and the destination involves travel to or from an international destination, we can arrange a special stretcher transport on a commercial airline. This again is generally far less expensive than travel by an air ambulance.

For some, an air ambulance is the preferred way to travel, but simply not in the budget. We can trim these high costs by arranging first class travel on a commercial flight, saving thousands of dollars in the process. This kind of air medical transportation is very popular with our patients.

No matter what form of medical transport you choose, we offer bedside to bedside care that includes making all of your travel arrangements including ticketing, dealing with customs, and ensuring that you safely arrive at your chosen destination.

Our Patient’s Needs Come First

As a full-service, bedside to bedside medical transport company, there is no limit to the services we offer and these options can be tailored to the needs of each family – including yours. Our medical transport services include:

  • Commercial Medical Escort
  • Insurance Charters
  • VIP Charters
  • Urgent Acute Care
  • Critical Care
  • Ventilator Patient Care
  • Commercial Stretcher Transport
  • Pediatric Care
  • Geriatric Care
  • Travel or Vacation Injury
  • Specialty Hospital

Whether you are being moved via air ambulance or other form of medical transport, you will find that our professional medical staff, which includes travelling nurses, are experienced professionals that put their patient’s needs first. We understand that medical transportation is often difficult and tedious, and our priority is caring for our patient’s needs and that of their family.

For patients not requiring the use of a stretcher, we provide business first class air medical transportation, coordinating wheel chair service to and from the plane, oxygen if required, and close supervision by our critical care health care providers. Members of our trained medical transportation staff will arrange to meet the patient prior to their scheduled trip (usually the night before) to introduce themselves, reassure the patient and family, make a final assessment concerning their health, and answer any last minute questions about their transportation.

Air Ambulance Service

Do I Need a Medevac?

Many people that contact us think that they are looking for a medevac, but are actually seeking non-emergency medical transport. Medevac means medical evacuation, but in some parts of the country the word is used to describe any kind of emergent medical transport to a hospital or emergency care facility.

While we do offer emergent care services to our patients, most people we deal with are actually seeking non-emergency medical transport by air, sea, road, or rail.

We are Ready to Care for You and Your Medical Transport Needs

Aviation One provides air ambulance services for both domestic and international medical transport. In addition, other forms of transportation are available for individuals who are unable to travel by air, or would prefer an alternative. Our individualized medical care services are provided at a competitive price for:

  • Air Ambulance: Both domestic air ambulance and international air ambulance
  • Medical Escort: Commercial airlines, private charter, railway, cruise lines
  • Ground Transport: Ambulance, long distance transport, ambulette, railway, motor home
  • Private Duty Nursing Aboard Cruise Ship

No matter what type of emergent or non-emergency medical transportation service you need, you can depend on Aviation One to treat you fairly with affordable and dependable emergency medical care. Aviation One is proud to be an American-owned and family operated company that understands that there is nothing more important than the care and transport of your loved ones. We also understand that the cost of our medical transportation services must be realistic and affordable for our patients. We offer special packages that include various critical care options and transportation alternatives to ensure your special requirements are always met

Contact a transportation manager now by filling out our online form or calling us at (877) 773-8791.


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